“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

Who made the above statement and to whom? These were the sort of questions we were often asked during tests and exams whilst studying literature in those days.

Crack your brain no further if you don’t know the answer as I don’t intend to send anyone back to school lol. 

That famous speech is credited to J.F Kennedy, the 35th POTUS. However, his classmates allege that their high school headmaster ought to be credited for the quote as he often used it on them when JFK was still a boy. Story for another day. 

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” Profound you’d agree. But I wish we can do more than agree or merely saying Amen. If everyone will leave their houses daily thinking how to help their neighbour, boss, friends, family and religious or social institutions, then no one will complain that he has nobody to help him/her. It is the law of sowing and reaping. As you go about giving help, you will surely receive help, maybe not from those you helped – that might be limited- but from others you never imagined. Then Nigeria can become that Eldorado.

People who step out with bowels full of mercy and kindness towards others will never lack people to stand by them in their times of need. That little love, kind words, encouragement and community service matter a great deal. 

Just recently, Purple August season II ended successfully. Boy, that was a topsy-turvy sixteen days journey, garnished with stress, fun and drama. Just two days after the opening, two new employees saw the volume of traffic in and out of the Event centre and they thought to cash in. They held meeting and thought to arm-twist my wife. 
“We want increase, or we’d quit” they said. Long story short, one left and the other had a 25% salary increase to stay put. Just like that. This just shows you that we’ve had our bite of both the good, bad and ugly folks.

With all the drama and stress, how did you think we pulled it off? Angels came down from heaven. Yes, you heard me. Angels came, albeit in the form of employees, friends and colleagues. They stood firm with us like the ancient rock of Gibraltar for sixteen days. Some brought their skills and expertise to the table and others brought cash to help register and feed many less privileged kids. God bless you all. 

We have truly enjoyed such good men and their help in our lives. This post is dedicated to Team Purple August. Unoroh Grace, Faith Itoje, Whitofrics, Kationa, Elohor, Elvis, Aghoghor, La Chris, Corper Rachel, Hazel cake, Eloh Egone Ogbiru, Akpobaro Constance Alele, Bimbo, Ufouma, Chinyere, Winifred Ejumudo, Ochuko Imide, Ruth, Joy and others I may have inadvertently omitted. A thousand kisses for you guys. I stand persuaded that your reward is both here on earth and in heaven. 

As I said and akin to all homo sapiens, we’ve had a taste of the cherry from both the good, bad and ugly. But the good outweighs them all.

There are many people whose daily vocabulary is “I have no man to help me”. I will recapitulate JFK for the sake of such. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” 

My version; don’t always seek what big men can do for you – seek what you can do for big men. Big men also need help. There has got to be something you can bring to the table. God didn’t create any of us empty. Look inwards you’ll see. When you help people interpret their dreams and visions, people will help interpret yours.

We make bold to say again, people have helped us immensely and we doubt we can ever pay them back as they truly deserve, and need I say, we have helped people too and are still helping. Kudos to all our Team members again.

Purple August season II is done and dusted and all work without play they say make jack a dull boy. 

Its summer ain’t it?

Let’s go play, rest and vacation. Shall we?


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